• We are delighted to welcome IEC Equine Solutions as a key sponsor at Brand Hall 31st May – 2nd June 2019. IEC Equine Solutions CCIJ2*-S is a new initiative from BE to help the development of the Juniors who may be looking at team places in the future or are on their way to the u18 Championships for the CCIJ2*-L later this year.
  • These young athletes rarely get the opportunity to compete within a true international competition. Day one the Dressage will be in a fully enclosed FEI arena with a great atmosphere from the trade stands. On the second day they will show jump in the main arena and then go cross country with a longer distance than the novice sections used in qualifications, again giving them valuable experience
  • IEC Equine Solutions commented. "We are delighted to be able to sponsor the new CCIJ2* at Brand Hall this year as this event is very local to us. It is rewarding to be able to support our up and coming junior riders and to give them the opportunity to experience the atmosphere within an international competition. We are looking forward to what promises to be a great weekend of competition. "
  • IEC Equine Solutions is part of a family-owned farming business, Wilson Farms, with more than 40 years' experience working in agriculture. They specialise in providing horse owners with exceptionally absorbent and consistent bedding and feed products across the UK, from the Highlands down to Devon and Cornwall and everywhere in-between.
  • Based locally in Shropshire, IEC Equine Solutions contacted Janet Plant joint organiser asking for opportunities to be involved. Janet commented, "We were excited to talk this new initiative through with IEC Equine Solutions. We have always been passionate about the younger generation having opportunities. IEC Equine Solutions are a company that is fully aware of equestrian needs. IEC Equine Solutions will be a tremendous boost to the event. IEC Equine Solutions support will help Brand Hall build a good experience for these young competitors on their first steps into the FEI world of eventing".
  • Richard Carruthers Coach for many of the top u18 competitors commented "We are incredibly lucky to have an opportunity for our u18 riders to compete in the 2019 CCI 2*-S class at Brand Hall International Horse Trials. The main focus for many of these younger riders will be the u18 Regional Championships which run at the end of July in Yorkshire. Brand Hall's place in the calendar provides the ideal chance for riders to make their first step on to the International ladder giving them valuable experience of an FEI competition before they have the added pressure of representing their region at the Championship.
  • With all three phases just "up a notch" in difficulty, this competition, run on fantastic old parkland turf, will really help riders hone their skills and provide a bench mark for their future training needs as they strive for Championship success."
  • IEC Equine Solutions supply three great products that reflect their knowledge, understanding and experience of the equine world's needs:-
  • IEC Equine Elite Meadow Grass, cut and dried the same day with every bale traceable to the exact field from which it was produced. Completely natural, highly palatable and dust free. Due to its soft nature it is ideal as a hay replacer for fussy feeders, horses with dental issues and elderly horses who struggle to eat hay /haylage and maintain condition.
  • IEC Equine Elite Lucerne is a natural, nutrient rich, high fibre product suitable for horses in all levels of work, including at rest. Cut fresh dried the same day, containing more digestible protein than hay, it has a great benefit to horses at risk of gastric ulcers
  • IEC Equine Elite Bedding is a completely natural, sustainable alternative to wood shavings and other forms of bedding. It is dust extracted, ultra-absorbent, low maintenance and compatible with all stable routines It has been created with the welfare of the horse in mind, but is also environmentally friendly, a carbon neutral product and has been proven to be beneficial to wildlife.

The Brand Hall team looks forward to welcoming competitors and supporters to the Event this April. For full information please visit www.brandhallht.co.uk
Follow the Event's official Twitter account here twitter.com/BrandHallHT

IEC Equine Solutions website can be found at www.iecsolutions.co.uk/iec-equine-solutions/

Interviews and photo opportunities can be arranged. For further details please contact:
Press Officer: All Press enquiries to Rachael Morley - Tel: 07889 0831943 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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